Nature Inside and Around


These new paintings of mine are based on the visual dialogue with the classic representation of the female figure and nature. I agree that from ancient times the bared female body is considered as an ideal beauty.

Like old masters I am only painting from life. By learning femininity from works of well-known artists, I am applying their forms of perception to my works, as well as passing my own emotions and views to the world through the modern woman who is posing for me. In my works I am trying to express an artistic conception of connection between woman and nature by posing them as a unity.

The origins of my works are coming from the theory of existentialism. For example a tree in the view of existentialists is already a complete entity at birth, because it has original well-defined functions, activities and stages of development. However humanity is getting to know his essence during their whole life by carrying his own responsibility for every action. In my works I am trying to find my own entity, combining the certain nature and uncertainty of man and trying to speed up the process of self-determination. By looking for answers in books, in surrounding physical world and beyond its borders at the level of intuition, feelings and emotions I am trying to find my place and my purpose within the universe. Once, when thinking and looking out of my window at the majestic blooming chestnut tree, I began to imagine what is it to be a tree, to have roots, leaves and branches and to know your function in this world. In my imagination I wanted to try on this chestnut tree as a dress, to join it and become a single body with it.

What is happening when you are combining the certain essence and uncertain ones? How does this affect the development of the uncertain nature of man? How will this development proceed and what will become of a man after all these changes? Those questions inspired me to start a new series of works by creating a brand new supplemented essence.

In mixing this complex combination of exquisite imago of nature and modern philosophy, I am creating a new kind of life and I want to see it developing.